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So once upon a time I went to this place called high school. And at this high school, there was this boy who played about five million instruments. If there was an instrument he didn't play, you could leave him alone in a room with it and he'd come out an hour later and wipe the floor with whoever was supposedly the current master in the world. And this boy would write songs that were fucking awesome. There was one song in particular that I saw what I believe was the concert debut of at Coffeehouse '04. This song became legendary. Girls he didn't know would come up to him at speech meets and go, "OHMYGOD YOU'RE HIM PLAY THAT SONG!" I am not even kidding. And I always wanted a recording of this song, because...dude, it was just awesome. Well, finally, I follow a link on this boy's AIM profile to find that he HAS recorded this song and made a brand new Myspace profile for his solo music, following the ending of his band.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most musically talented kid to come out of Westmont, who should by all rights become an international recording star, Jeff Hownek, and that legendary song, "Louisiana." Dude, seriously. It's fucking awesome.


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