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Yes, Liz and I actually had a conversation about the psychiological implications of having sex with a woman who turned into a man during intercourse. Yes, I love Liz and am going to have hundreds of her babies.

theater daydream: We should do crazy Dilandau Escaflowne RP
GazellaOryx: I have all the episodes, if you have a connection that doesn't blow.
GazellaOryx: And yes, we should :o
theater daydream: You could be Dilandau. And we could do...something.
GazellaOryx: Who would you be?
theater daydream: I could be Van. Or anybody.
GazellaOryx: Having drinks XD
theater daydream: OMG LIZ U R SO OOC WTF
theater daydream: I <3 U
GazellaOryx: I could have said "having buttsex".
theater daydream: That's a whole can of gender issue worms. XD
GazellaOryx: AHAHHAA.
GazellaOryx: "Ohhh god Celena, yes! You're so... OMFG DILANDAU?! *pulls it out, pulls it out!*"
theater daydream: *ROFLCOPTER*
GazellaOryx: That's a surprise I wouldn't ever want.
theater daydream: But...if you're having sex with a woman...and she suddenly turns into a man...where is your penis? I mean, wouldn't that do some damage?'s not like guys have a whole in the front.
theater daydream: Unless you're just having buttsex with a woman.
theater daydream: But if you're NOT.
theater daydream: I mean, these are important questions!
GazellaOryx: Maybe he was just having buttse-- yeah.
theater daydream: But what if he WASN'T?!
theater daydream: Dude.
theater daydream: His penis would be gone or something.
GazellaOryx: It would be absorbed.
theater daydream: OUCHIES.


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