Jun. 5th, 2006

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Okay, my boyfriend told me to update my Livejournal. And I wanted to show off the icon I just stole from Liz, which won't be funny unless you've seen Escaflowne and have known the GLORY that is Dilandau. So, really, of my LJ friends...Liz and Erin. And Liz made the damn icon. But maybe if Erin suddenly logs back on to LJ and looks at her friends page and sees the icon...she will be amused.

I just keep looking at it and laughing. OMG. I want to marry Dilandau. Except really not, because he would beat me and kill me or something. And then have gender issues. But OMG, what a character.

I'm going to call Erin just so she'll look at my icon.
slavetothestage: (dilandau fucked your mom dude)
Yes, Liz and I actually had a conversation about the psychiological implications of having sex with a woman who turned into a man during intercourse. Yes, I love Liz and am going to have hundreds of her babies.

theater daydream: We should do crazy Dilandau Escaflowne RP
GazellaOryx: I have all the episodes, if you have a connection that doesn't blow.
GazellaOryx: And yes, we should :o
theater daydream: You could be Dilandau. And we could do...something.
GazellaOryx: Who would you be?
theater daydream: I could be Van. Or anybody.
GazellaOryx: Having drinks XD
theater daydream: OMG LIZ U R SO OOC WTF
theater daydream: I <3 U
GazellaOryx: I could have said "having buttsex".
theater daydream: That's a whole can of gender issue worms. XD
GazellaOryx: AHAHHAA.
GazellaOryx: "Ohhh god Celena, yes! You're so... OMFG DILANDAU?! *pulls it out, pulls it out!*"
theater daydream: *ROFLCOPTER*
GazellaOryx: That's a surprise I wouldn't ever want.
theater daydream: But...if you're having sex with a woman...and she suddenly turns into a man...where is your penis? I mean, wouldn't that do some damage? Cause...it's not like guys have a whole in the front.
theater daydream: Unless you're just having buttsex with a woman.
theater daydream: But if you're NOT.
theater daydream: I mean, these are important questions!
GazellaOryx: Maybe he was just having buttse-- yeah.
theater daydream: But what if he WASN'T?!
theater daydream: Dude.
theater daydream: His penis would be gone or something.
GazellaOryx: It would be absorbed.
theater daydream: OUCHIES.


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